Honey is like a fine wine that is created from flowers instead of grapes. The term "varietal honey" refers to the honey gathered from a single type of blossom. Savannah Bee Company is the leader in honey purity standards. Any honey poured by Savannah Bee Company as a specialty varietal honey must have a minimum of 80% pollen count. This ensures that the honey exhibits the best flavor and texture possible from the blossom crop. They pour the best of the best of artisan Tupelo Honey, Sourwood Honey, Orange Blossom Honey, and Black Sage Honey harvests. These specialty honeys make beautiful gifts for any sweet occasion, as well as a delicious essential for any pantry. Additionally, they offer a full line of body care products, bringing the natural healing powers of beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis from the hive to you. Formulated to be 100% natural with organic ingredients when possible. Free of any of the "Dirty Dozen" chemicals commonly found in cosmetics, their products are never tested on animals, and they are packaged to be both beautiful and recyclable. They make spectacular and thoughtful gifts.