J&M Foods

In our family FOOD = LOVE. That’s the straightforward equation that compelled Jamie Parham to enlist the help of her two daughters, Janis & Melanie and start J&M Foods in her kitchen, thirty years ago. After countless friends and neighbors asked them to bake their Original Cheese Straws for weddings, baby showers and Garden Club meetings, they realized that their deep devotion to their Southern confection might be more than a hobby. The foundation: obsess over simple ingredients with consistent quality across every batch. No cutting corners with colors, artificial flavors or trans fats. Baking the way Jamie’s Grandmother taught her. Never ones to rest on their laurels, Janis & Melanie are constantly testing, tasting and tinkering with new recipes. They’ve created a captivating range of cookies and variations on the classic cheese straw. As long as customers keep clamoring Janis & Melanie will keep the ovens running.